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7 Travel Tips for Vacationing With Young Children at Our Smoky Mountain Cabin Rentals in Gatlinburg


Families come from all over the country to spend their vacation in Tennessees Great Smoky Mountains. Its the perfect family vacation destination, and there are a few things that you can do to make your travel time with young children a lot easier on your way to one of our Smoky Mountain cabin rentals in Gatlinburg TN. Just follow these seven tips:

1. Stock Up on Snacks

Children love to snack, and you can minimize your stops by providing plenty of food for the car ride to your cabin. Skip the high-sugar snacks in favor of nutritious items like cheese squares, baked chips, crackers, raisins, apple slices, and carrot sticks. Be sure to bring a cooler filled with bottled water as well.

2. Make the Trip Part of Your Vacation

Plan to leave a bit early so you can stop at a few interesting spots on your way to Gatlinburg. If you are traveling through several states, then take time to identify attractions that are worth seeing. It breaks up the monotony of a long car ride when your children have the opportunity to stretch their legs and have a bit of fun.

3. Pack Swimsuits and Floats

If you plan to stop at a lake or another body of water along the way, you will want to make sure that all of your children have a swimsuit, inflatable toys, and flotation devices. Families who have chosen one of our cabins with a private pool will also need these items upon arrival because your children are going to want to jump in right away!

4. Incorporate Nap Time During Your Drive

For those who dont have too far of a drive, you should try to tackle the bulk of the driving during your childs regular nap time. Give them a great lunch and a little play time before getting them in the car. With luck, you can have two hours of peaceful driving time while your little ones get rested up for some vacation fun at our Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge cabin rentals.

5. Have a Parent Sit with the Kids in the Backseat

Those who are traveling with at least two adults may want to let one drive while another sits in the backseat with the children. Sing a song together, read a book to them, or play some fun on-the-road games. Your children will find comfort just from having a parent sit near them.

6. Bring Electronics

A long car ride is the perfect time for your kids to use an iPad or another type of tablet. You should make sure that there are a variety of learning games and fun interactive activities available, so that your children will have a good selection to choose from and wont get bored. You can also bring some cartoons or movies to watch on a tablet or laptop.

7. Pack Their Favorite Items

You dont ever want to get on the road only to realize well into the trip that your childs favorite stuffed animal, doll, or blanket has been left behind. Allow each child to choose two items that they must have with them on the trip, and make sure that they have it next to them when you buckle them in. This will not only make them feel more comfortable, but you can usually count on them enjoying some play time with their favorite toys as well.

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

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